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Is Baby Nails safe to use on my baby?

Yes! Filing is the safest method. Often a baby fingertip can be nicked using baby nail clippers even when used properly as babies don’t tend to sit still! Our product is intended for use by an adult and is not a toy so when not in use please keep your Thumble® and nail files stored away in your Baby Nails storage pouch.

How often should I file my baby’s nails?

Baby's nails do grow quickly, so you may have to file their fingernails twice a week. Baby’s toenails don’t grow as quickly so if you’re using it on their toenails too they might need to be done about twice a month.

How long should each disposable nail file last?

Each nail file should last at least one sitting depending on the length of your baby’s nails. The nail file will last longer if you are using Baby Nails regularly to keep the nails short but if your baby’s nails have become longer between sittings this will reduce the nail file’s lifespan.

How should I stick the nail file to the Thumble®?

It is important to stick the nail file firmly to the Thumble®. You should push hard on the edges and the centre of the nail file to ensure the adhesive makes good contact with the Thumble®. The nail file should stay stuck to the Thumble® for the nail filing session. It will eventually pull away from the Thumble® when stored away in the pouch but can be stuck down again when next needed.

What is the Thumble® made out of?

The Thumble® is made out of a mixture of polypropylene and a flexible elastomer. It is latex free.

Does the Thumble® come in different sizes?

As the Thumble® is flexible and therefore should fit most thumbs.

If you find the Thumble® a little loose on your thumb, you can tighten the fit by pressing the top of the Thumble® down into the cavity between your fingers. Additional tightening can be achieved by squeezing the Thumble® together from the sides.

If you still have problems with the fitting after trying both of the tightening methods please contact us.

Can the Thumble® be worn with long nails?

Yes, the Thumble® was specifically designed to be used with long nails. The front of the Thumble® has an opening for your nail to fit through.

How should I store my Thumble® and nail files product?

Our products come with either a drawstring storage pouch or a plastic storage case, which is great to keep your Thumble® and Baby Nails nail files all in one place. 

When will I receive my order?

All orders within the United States are sent via Amazon Logistics which is a tracked service. You can track your order using your tracking reference at

How much is delivery?

Delivery is FREE within the United States

I have ordered the wrong Baby Nails product for my baby's age; can I return it?

We will happily swap any product for you but due to hygiene reasons, we can only accept returns if they are still in the original, unopened packaging. 

My Baby Nails set is faulty, what can I do?

We really hope this won't be the case but if your Baby Nails product is faulty, under the Consumer Rights Act (2015) you have a legal right to reject goods that are of unsatisfactory quality, unfit for purpose or not as described, and get a full refund. This right is limited to 30 days from the date you purchased.

We will happily send you a replacement order or offer a full refund once we receive the faulty item back. After 30 days, you will not be legally entitled to a full refund if your item develops a fault.

Are you the official Baby Nails

Yes! Baby Nails was created and sold under the Thumble Baby Care brand. The Thumble is owned by Just What I Need Design Ltd. Registered company no. 09120152. We are a family run business based in the UK. Please read our story

How can I contact you?

You can email us at:

Or call us on: (786) 431-2137

As a family run business, your customer satisfaction is very important to us.