Baby Nails Best Baby Product 2019

We were delighted that Baby Nails® was featured in Experienced Mommy “best of" articles.

Here's what they had to say......

Baby nails grow at an alarming pace.  It seems like you just finish trimming them and days later, they are long again!  Keeping them trimmed is important so babies don’t accidentally scratch themselves or others. 

Some parents choose to clip their baby’s nails but doing so sometimes can clip a piece of baby’s finger or leave sharp edges on the nails.  Nail files have gained popularity as a safe, tear free choice for keeping baby’s fingernails trimmed. 

The Thumble® Wearable Nail File

This nail file is really unique and totally user friendly for parents and grandparents alike. It’s a simple Thumble® apparatus that goes on the pad of the thumb. It’s a lot like a thimble, hence the name. The nail file is attached to it with adhesive. You can hold baby’s hand in yours and gently file their nails. It’s amazing because you can multi-task!

If you are snuggling or feeding your baby, gently file their nails while they are calm and relaxed. You can even make it a fun game, singing a song or playing a fame while you hold their hand and file. It’s one of those 'Super Useful Baby Products' that you never knew you needed!

You can use these from birth, since the nail file itself is soft grit. It comes with plenty of nail file attachments, plus a drawstring bag to keep it all together.

If you are worried about this not fitting your smaller or larger thumb, don’t! The design leaves plenty of space to expand, and it even has an opening at the top for long nails.

Thank you to Donna Fogarty an ‘experienced mom writer’ for writing this fantastic review for Experienced Mommy!

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