Baby Nails® is a wearable baby nail file, an idea of Rebecca’s, a first-time mum who was in search of a safer alternative to baby nail care. After many iterations our Thumble® and unique snap-off nail files were invented. Today, Rebecca and her husband Mark continue to work hard to make Baby Nails® a multi-award winning and trusted baby product.

Yes! Filing a baby’s nails to keep then clean and smooth is the safest method from birth. Even the most careful parent can accidentally snip a baby’s fingertip with scissors or clippers. Babies don’t tend to remain still! Our nail files have two grits – New Baby (from 0M+) and 6 Months+. You can continue to continue to care for your baby’s or child’s nails by filing for as long as you want.

Our product is intended for use by an adult and is not a toy so when not in use please keep your Thumble® and nail files in your Baby Nails storage pouch/case.

Babies nails do grow quickly, much quicker than adult nails! As a rule of thumb you may have to file their fingernails twice a week. Baby’s toenails don’t grow as quickly so if you’re using it on their toenails too they might need to be done about twice a month.

Each nail file should last at least one sitting depending on the length of your baby’s nails. The nail file will last longer if you are using the Thumble® regularly to keep the nails short but if your baby’s nails have become longer between sittings this will reduce the nail file’s lifespan.

It's been a labour of love getting the nail file stick just right. Sticky enough so it stays stuck to the Thumble® whilst filing but not too sticky that you can't replace the nail file when needed.

If you find that the nail has lost it stick please look at your technique. When removing the backing from the adhesive part of the nail file make sure you do not touch the adhesive. The natural oils found in your skin can affect it’s stickiness.

Also make sure that the nail file has made good contact with the Thumble®. Follow the contour of the Thumble and make sure it doesn’t catch the raised lip above the 3 small holes.

Our Baby Nails® Mixed Pack contains both our New baby and 6 Months+ nail files, giving you more for your money! Our nail file grits are just a recommendation, however we would recommend our New Baby nail files up to 6 months old.

Some parents may be tempted to skip filing altogether and just bite their baby’s nails down instead. This is not recommended! Using your teeth can increase the risk of infection and the cutting process can be very haphazard. It can lead to the nail being teared, and if you tear too low it will injure your baby.

The Thumble® is made out of a mixture of polypropylene (BPA free) and a flexible elastomer. 

The Thumble® is flexible and should fit most thumbs.

If you find the Thumble® a little loose on your thumb, you can tighten the fit by pressing the top of the Thumble® down into the cavity between your fingers. Additional tightening can be achieved by squeezing the Thumble® together from the sides.

We recommend filing as the safest method for caring for your baby’s nails from birth. Our scissors were designed in mind to be used once your baby is older (from at least 6 months+) and as a parent you are more confident at baby nail care. Our Baby Nails® baby nail scissors have a rounded edge tip and ergonomically designed handles that make them comfortable to hold and easy to use. The scissors can be used from birth and be used throughout childhood.