Baby Nails Wearable baby nail file with new baby and 6 months+ baby nail files and a pair of baby nail scissors
Baby Nails wearable baby nail file Mixed pack to file your baby&
Baby Nails baby nail file is safer than baby nail clippers
The Thumble is worn on the thumb to file your baby&
Filing baby&
4 simple steps to easy filing of your baby&

Baby Nails® - Mixed Pack with scissors (0m+)

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This is the BabyNails® Mixed Pack which is suitable to use from birth.
Baby Nails® is the multi-award winning, patented baby nail file for safe and simple baby nail care from birth.
It's clever, wearable, hands-free design allows you to file your baby's nails whilst cuddling or feeding, keeping them happy and relaxed!
Baby Nails® baby Scissors have rounded edge tips and can be used throughout childhood.

Baby Nails® is the perfect nail care solution to file your baby’s tiny and delicate nails from birth.

Filing is the safest method when tending to a baby’s nails, helping to smooth and shape the nail.

As your baby grows and their nails get stronger, and you get more confident, we provide a pair of rounded edged baby scissors to assist in trimming your baby’s nails if needed.

Don’t worry if the scissors leave a sharp edge as the Thumble® can then be used to gently file and neaten up, leaving your baby’s nails smooth.

Our Baby Nails® Mixed Pack contains:

  • The patented Thumble®
  • 10 x New Baby unique snap-off adhesive nail files 
  • 10 x 6 Months+ unique snap-off adhesive nail files 
  • Baby Scissors with a rounded edge tips (for use from 6 months onwards)
  • All presented in a handy case for safe and easy storage.

A newborn’s nails grow so fast and incredibly sharp too. They also wriggle a lot which can make cutting their tiny nails safely a challenge.

Keeping their nails short and smooth is very important to stop them scratching themselves and you. Rather than covering your baby's hands with scratch mittens, it is better to keep a baby's hands free to explore.

The scissors can then be used throughout childhood so no need to invest further as they get older.

Used regularly Baby Nails® is all that is needed for continued care of your baby’s nails.

How to file:

SNAP - Detach one of the included nail files by gently tearing along the perforated line.

PEEL - Peel off the backing to reveal the adhesive layer. When removing the backing from the adhesive part of the nail file make sure you do not touch the adhesive. The natural oils found in your skin can affect it’s stickiness.

STICK - Press the nail file firmly onto the Thumble® Make sure the nail file is applied to the Thumble® correctly. Follow the contour of the Thumble® and make sure it doesn’t catch the raised lip above the 3 small holes.

FILE - The Thumble® is worn on the thumb. Whilst cradling your baby gently take one of their hands with the hand you are wearing the Thumble® on and gently place their hand between your first two fingers.

Starting from a corner of the fingernail, file in one sweeping direction along the nail. Once you have smoothed the nail in this direction then move to the other corner of the nail and gently file in the opposite direction. File in one direction at a time along the contour of the nail until the nail is short.

Do not rub or saw the nail file back and forth along the nail. Keep the nail file on the nail making sure you file the nail and not the tender skin under the nail bed.

How to cut:

Gently pull the finger pad from the nail to avoid nipping the baby’s skin.

Hold the baby’s hand firmly as you cut.

Follow the curve of the fingernail.

Trim toenails straight across.

Take care not to cut the nail to short.

Suitable from birth onwards, tested for safety from 0+ months. 

The scissors have sharp edges and small parts.

It is not a toy. Keep out of the reach of children.

This is for adult use only.


Absolute lifesaver!


Another terrifying mum job- cutting their teeny tiny little nails. The Thumble making it that little bit easier 🙌🏻 cannot recommend enough!


This little tool is the best invention for any parent who struggles to file them razor blades that are Baby's Nails. I cannot believe that after 10 years I have only just come across something that makes any parents life that little bit easier! I highly recommend this product & give it A 10/10 rating.


My baby's finger nails are like razor blades when they don't get filed regularly!! These are so so easy to use and file baby's nails really effectively but also gently. You just have to stick a file pad onto the plastic finger sleeve and file away. There are two different types of file pads 0-6 months and 6+ months so you know its nice and gentle for newborns and course enough for older babies. I haven't used the scissors yet but they have a rounded tip for safety and look pretty good. Would definitely recommend this set.


Designed for all

Our Patented Thumble® is worn on the thumb, so remains with you if you have to stop filing to attend to another need for your baby. It has a flexible one size fits all design, with an opening at the front for a long thumb nail.

Essential Baby Kit

Baby Nails® is a unique and must-have baby product for all new parents. Ideal as a gift for new or expectant parents, mums-to-be, parents-to-be and for baby showers. A hospital bag essential!

Snap-off nail files

Our nail files have a unique snap-off design. Available in two grits (New Baby or 6 Months+) depending on the age of your baby.

Don't forget their toes!

Remember it's important to care for your baby's toes too. Babies toenails are often very soft and grow very slowly. This is normal and their nails will become stronger as baby grows and becomes more active.

Check and trim their toe nails regularly. File the nail straight across to prevent ingrowing toenails and never file it too short.

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