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How to use Baby Nails

Newborn nails are soft and flexible but as they do not yet have control of their arm, hand, and finger movements they can scratch themselves badly.

Filing a baby’s nails is the safest method. Babies finger nails grow quickly so you will need to file at least twice a week.

Baby Nails wearable baby nail file is worn on a thumb and after firmly sticking on the snap-off nail file to the Thumble® you are ready to file.

Whilst cradling your baby gently take one of their hands with the hand you are wearing the Thumble® on and gently place their hand between your first two fingers.

Starting from a corner of the fingernail, file in one sweeping direction along the nail. Once you have smoothed the nail in this direction, then move to the other corner of the nail and gently file in the opposite direction. File in one direction at a time along the contour of the nail until the nail is short. Do not rub or saw the nail file back and forth along the nail. Keep the nail file on the nail making sure you file the nail and not the tender skin under the nail bed.

It is important to stick the nail file firmly to the Thumble. You should push hard on the edges and the centre of the nail file to ensure the adhesive makes good contact with the Thumble®. The nail file should stay stuck to the Thumble® for the nail filing session. It will eventually pull away from the Thumble® when stored away in the pouch but can be stuck down again when next needed.

As the Thumble® is flexible it should fit most thumbs. If you find the Thumble® a little loose on your thumb, you can tighten the fit by pressing the top of the Thumble® down into the cavity between your fingers. Additional tightening can be achieved by squeezing the Thumble® together from the sides.