FAQ's Natural Rubber Space Toys

Moon Biscuit Teether and baby bath toy
Moon Biscuit Teether and baby bath toy

There are six space themed natural rubber baby toys in our range designed by a space loving Dad! Made for teething, sensory play and bathing, They also make a great stress reliever or decorative piece for grown-up kids too!

They are all made from rubber ethically sourced from the Hevea Rubber Tree in Malaysia.

They are 100% natural and non-toxic so are perfectly safe for your little humans to chew on.

A teething baby can be a little rough with their teether as they try to
soothe their gums! Natural rubber teethers are sturdy but soft so perfect to help baby through their teething journey.

Our Space Teethers are safe for your little humans from birth as a teether, bath and sensory toy. They also make great decorative pieces and can be enjoyed as a stress reliever by adults too.

Our Space Teethers are free from PVC, BPA, phthalates, nitrosamines.

Our space teethers have passed all safety checks including EN 71 Toy Safety and REACH 197 (UK/EU), ASTM F963 (USA), SOR (CA) and AS/NZA 8124 (AU/NZ). Conforms to CPSIA and CCPSA.

Do not leave your baby/child unsupervised.

Each teether has a highly detailed design and realistic features making it a great sensory and educational play. 

With no holes, no nasty bacteria can develop inside making it perfect for bath time play.

Clean with soap and water. Do not sterilse or place in the dishwasher or the microwave to clean as this could effect their shape and colour. Wash before first use.

The final part of the manufacturing product before packaging the item is to add a thin layer of coconut oil to preserve the toy. This is completely safe and will be removed when first washed as recommended before use.

To preserve the quality of your Space Teether store in a dry place and out of direct sunlight.

Due to the humidity do not store your teether in the fridge or freezer.

Hand-painted in natural paints that are extracted from plants.

Yes they are! Once your baby has stopped teething, they are 100% natural so can be added to your compost heap if you choose.

However they do make great
toys or decorations throughout childhood. They can also be cleaned and passed on to help another teething baby.

Natural rubber can be effected by changes in temperature and air pressure. So if it does look a little deflated then leave it for a couple of hours and it should return to it's normal shape.

If your teether has a hole in it and this is why it has deflated then please get in touch.

Colour fading can be a result of the teether being left in direct sunlight.

If the colour is starting to fade you can wash your teether with soap and
water to see if this revives it. You can also rub with coconut oil to help bring the original colour back.

As its a 100% natural rubber product it will start to degrade with time so
storing it correctly is key.

There have been no known allergic reactions to our products.  During
the manufacturing process virtually all the proteins that can cause a latex allergy are removed. However, if your baby has an allergy, which is very rare, we would recommend not using a natural rubber teether as some very small amount of protein may still remain.