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Happy World Book Day.

We love books! From picture books, to story books, to fact books, to even writing our own books!

Books provide so much pleasure, they let your imagination run wild and let you escape to another place. Reading is so important from an early age and yes, the eventual aim is for them to be able to read what’s written on the page but to start it’s about listening to a familiar voice, looking at the beautiful illustrations together, exposing them to a wide range of words so they hear different sounds, words and phrases, which in turn they will try to copy, improving their vocabulary and understanding too.

To us, books are a crucial part of our both our son’s and daughter’s lives. They enjoy a large variety of different books and trips to our local library.  Reading as part of their bedtime routines started at a very early age (only a few months old). They both have three books a night and we’ve gone from black and white books, to ‘That’s Not My…” books, to storybooks, to now some quite in-depth factual books which even test our knowledge at times! I think we can confidently say that all this reading has massively helped with their language development. Reading to our children has been a no-brainer really!

We’ve also discovered we have a budding story writer in our midst. Our 5-year-old loves to draw and write and recently has started writing his own stories at home and at school. We hope one day he’s sharing one of his stories with you all too.

When I came up with the idea for the Thumble®, I wanted to make baby nail care a stress-free experience, a time where I could bond with my baby, not a task that I feared. As the Thumble® is worn on the thumb it leaves you ‘hands-free’ so reading a book whilst you care for your baby’s nails gives them more exposure to those all-important words and sounds. And in our ‘all too busy’ lifestyle it’s a time where we can enjoy a cuddle, unwind and relax too.

So whatever book you decide to read tonight, enjoy that time exploring your child’s interests and having fun.