Mini First Aid training event

Thank you to Mini First Aid for inviting me along to their fantastic Market Place Event on Saturday during their annual training weekend. What a blast!

It was a great opportunity to showcase Baby Nails. From discussions with all the lovely Mini First Aid instructors it's clear that there are a lot of parents out there who dread doing their baby's/child's nails. Hopefully they now have a safer and stress-free solution to share with the parents and families they meet.

Mini First Aid train families across the UK in baby and child first aid. They training 1000+ families a week and are the largest specialist paediatric first aid training company in the UK.

It was a pleasure to meet the lovely and bubbly Kate Ball (the founder of Mini First Aid) and her husband Matt. They have 6 children (including 2 sets of twins) and it's amazing to witness what they have achieved.