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What is Baby Nails?

Baby Nails is a safe and simple to use wearable nail file which gives you a hands-free way of keeping your little one's delicate nails neat & trim.

With the hands-free design you can feed, cuddle or even read to your baby whilst filing. As the nail file is attached to our patented Thumble® which is worn on a thumb, you can care for your baby without the worry of dropping the nail file.

It is the perfect nail care solution to file your baby’s tiny nails from birth.

Our nail file sticks have a unique snap-off design available in two grits: a soft grit to use on your newborn from birth (purple nail file) and a medium grit to use on your baby from 6 months up (blue nail file).

 A flexible design allows the Thumble® to fit all sizes of thumbs and has an opening on the front for a long thumbnail to fit through.

Simply snap-off one of our nail files, remove the adhesive backing, slip the Thumble® onto a thumb and stick the file firmly on to it. Then file away using a gentle back and forth movement, as the baby is cradled. 

As your baby grows and their nails get stronger (from 6 Months+), we provide a pair of rounded edged baby scissors in our mixed pack to assist in trimming your baby’s nails if needed. Don’t worry if the scissors leave a sharp edge as the Thumble® can then be used to gently file and neaten up, leaving your baby’s nails smooth.

We really do hope that our product reduces those nail trimming troubles and fears, leaving your baby’s nails smooth and everyone scratch free.