Two Space Toys for £22

Two Space Toys for £22

Space Teether Number 1
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Our space themed 100% natural rubber teether toys are a range of 6 space toys designed by space loving parents. Made for teething, sensory play and bath time. 

Our natural rubber teethers provide different textures for sensory exploration. As your baby's teeth start to emerge, our teething toys will help to soothe sore gums and will help to reduce your baby's teething pain. 

As each teether has a different space themed design, each toys will give a different chewing experience. 

Can't decide on which Space Teether Toy to buy? We have the perfect bundle for you! Choose any 2 Space Toys for only £22, with FREE tracked delivery!

Our teething toys make great unique baby gifts, with highly detailed designs, realistic features and creative box packaging too. 

Choose from:

AstroGNAW® (white or grey with a black visor) - Designed to look like an Astronaut, AstroGNAW® was inspired by the Apollo missions from the late 60's. Look out for features such as the lunar boots and soles, leg pocket, fluid pouch, breathing tubes, gloves, life support backpack, helmet cameras. The underside of the backpack has the slogan 'one small step at a time'.

Planet CH3W® (blue or peach with grey rocks) - Our ringed planet has a textured surface with three rings which contain an assortment of moons and rocks, perfect for chewing on! Contains the slogan 'run rings round', as we're sure the baby owner will do to his or her parents!

Earth Biscuit® - Shaped like a biscuit, looks like the Earth! Look out for the wonders of the world: Great Wall of China, Colloseum, Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower, The Sphinx, Taj Mahal, Chichen Itza, Christ Redeemer. Has the slogan 'be an explorer'. We've tried our best to get the entire world map onto our biscuit, can you find your country?

Moon Biscuit® - Shaped like a biscuit, looks like the moon. Our Moon Biscuit® has craters, lumps and bumps designed to give a great chewing experience. Look out for Neil Armstrong's footprints in the lunar regolith! Has the slogan 'reach for the moon'.

Mars Biscuit® - Shaped like a biscuit, looks like Mars! Look out for Olympus Mons, Curiosity, Spirit and Opportunity Rovers, Pathfinder, Mars HAB/Potato Farm, the Grand Canyon of Mars and many more features! Has the slogan 'Future Martian'.

OrBITEr® - We spent a long time designing our rocket with enough detail to make it visually interesting for all humans. Look out for details including: Heatshield, actuated fins, quick disconnect ports, flight termination system, vacuum and sea level optimised engines, raceway, tank access hatches, crew/cargo door and lift, windows, an astronaut giving two thumbs up, a slogan which reads 'look up to the stars' and more. 

Our multi-award winning space teethers are perfect for little hands, helping your baby through the teething process and beyond! 

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